Have You Passed the OOKA Yet?

The only way to grasp the impressive OOKA experience is to try it yourself. Yes, it looks sexy on social media. The pods might be calling your name with their incredible terpene profiles. And the allure of a modernized hookah has you tuned in to our newsletter. But until you hold it, and inhale, it’s hard to really tap into its magic. The hits really are the smoothest you’ll ever puff, and the social vibe that buzzes around OOKA events is unmatched. 

We’ve been hosting events from SoCal to Humboldt, setting up OOKA tastings for the public. They’re completely free, the ambiance is always fire, and the community coming together to try OOKA is just a bunch of friends you haven’t met yet. 

Check out some of these event highlights and get fired up for the next one. We’ve got incredible events on the horizon, and they’re free! What’s not to love? Keep your eye on your email and stay tuned in to catch the next one near you. We can’t wait to sesh with you!




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