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Includes your OOKA and one Pod 2-pack of your choice. Retail Price: $399...

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OOKA in White is where contemporary design meets sophisticated cannabis tec...


Embrace the allure of elegance with OOKA in Black, a sleek and sophisticate...


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Our Indica strain, Apples & Bananas, has a light and fruity sweetness w...


Lemon Cherry Gelato is a hybrid strain with citrus flavors, sweet candy hin...


Tart, sour, and bright, this refreshing sativa dominant strain is the very ...



OOKA and Seven9 pods offer you the smoothest, most intuitive cannabis experience yet. Combining a special heat-not-burn technology with an intelligent design, you’ll enjoy consistent and precise effects throughout your session.


Best enjoyed with friends.


3 hours of enjoyment.


Heat-not-burn technology

Common Questions & ANSWERS

Yes! We deliver OOKA and seven9 products to your door the same day if you order before 3:30 PM or the next day if you order after 3:30 PM.

Each session can last approximately 45 – 60 minutes, depending on your usage.

The pods are not reusable and will not work if inserted for an additional session. However, there is a pause function to ensure you can make the most use of your pods during a session.

The battery lasts approximately 3-4 hours depending on usage.

There is no down time needed between each session. Simply drop another pod and enjoy.

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