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How to Set Up

When you first receive your OOKA, fully charge it for 3 hours before your first session. The LED battery indicator will turn white.

If the OOKA is active, press and hold the power button until you hear a beep. If the device is paused, press the power button once then press again and hold until you hear a beep.

OOKA automatically switches off once a session ends after approximately 45-60 minutes. To manually switch it off, hold down the power button.

Pod ring tab should be facing 9 o’clock.


When your session ends, OOKA will start flashing red indicating that the device is hot and should be handled with care. Once the red lights turn off, you can remove the pod, clean, and store your OOKA.

Each pod delivers one session.

OOKA can be paused for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Please remove the pod as soon as the session ends. This will ensure ease of cleaning your OOKA after each session.

When fully charged, the LED light will appear white.

The battery lasts approximately 3-4 hours depending on usage.

There is no down time needed between each session. Simply drop another pod and enjoy.

It is beneficial to clean your OOKA after every session when your device has properly cooled down.

To generate bigger clouds, wait approximately 10 seconds between each puff.

OOKA is targeted for the modern consumer who values consistency, convenience and flavor profiles. The device is portable and easy to use with the added benefit of being safer than a traditional hookah with a “heat not burn,” pod-based ecosystem instead of the use of charcoal.

There are two freshness seals on the pod, one on the top and one on the bottom. Simply peel both off and then insert your pod.

Yes. OOKA needs the ring to be around the pod to work properly.

Each pod provides one session.

Each session can last approximately 60 – 75 minutes, depending on your usage.

To enhance the lifespan of your OOKA please remove the pod once your session ends. This will allow ease for cleaning ready for your next use.

If the pod is left in your OOKA, there is the chance it could get stuck. If this happens, please use the provided tongs to remove the pod. Do not force the lid open.

The pods are not reusable and will not work if inserted for an additional session. However, there is a pause function to ensure you can make the most use of your pods during a session.

The “best before” date for OOKA pods is 1 year from its production date.

No, the pods can’t be refilled.

Check out our rewards page here for more information on how to get involved.

Health and Safety

Immediately stop using the product and call 911.


We can deliver to you the same day you order if the order is placed before 3:30 PM, after 3:30 PM you can choose your time for delivery the next day. 

We accept debit cards and cash payments. 


OOKA will beep rapidly, and the Portal ring will flash red for 10 seconds before switching off. If the lid is closed within 10 seconds, your session will resume. Do note that even if your device has switched off, you may continue your remaining session by turning it back on.

Always remove used pods and clean your OOKA after each use. If you’re experiencing stale flavors, gently blow down the hose to expel it. You can also change your OOKA seals by using the spare set included.

If you don’t remove the pod in the OOKA after your session, there is the chance it might become stuck. If that happens, please use the tongs to remove the pod. Remember, please do not force the lid open.

If your OOKA is switched on and the Portal lid is open, the Portal ring will flash white to indicate that a pod should be inserted.

The Portal ring will flash red to indicate that it is cooling down. OOKA will enter sleep mode when the device is fully cooled.

In this case, OOKA will beep rapidly, and the Portal ring will flash red for 10 seconds before switching off. If it’s placed upright within 10 seconds, you can continue the session. Do not continue or switch on if the device is cracked or water has entered the device. Contact our customer care team for assistance. If the device switches off, you can resume your session as long as it is safe to do so by switching back on.

OOKA is shipped in “travel mode” to prevent it from accidentally switching on during transit. Connect your device to the PSU and a wall socket to “wake it up”. Alternatively, check if your battery is fully charged. If the green LED light illuminates but OOKA doesn’t power up, charge it for 4 hours before attempting to switch it on again.

When the device is hot, and if the Portal lid is open (either during, at the end of a session or when it’s cooling down), OOKA will beep rapidly, and the Portal ring will flash red to warn you about exposed hot surfaces.

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