Host a Holiday Party With OOKA

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to introduce a memorable twist to your gatherings through a free test drive with OOKA. 

While OOKA is about enjoying premium cannabis with intent, it’s also about elevating your party experience, blending tradition with modern sophistication. Imagine your festive occasions infused with the flair that OOKA brings: the celebration of rich terpene profiles, precise dosage control, and a cannabis experience like no other.

This holiday, let OOKA be the centerpiece of your celebrations, creating new traditions and unforgettable experiences.

Schedule an OOKA Session

Want to elevate your holiday party with an exclusive OOKA session? 

California residents can now experience OOKA firsthand with a free home trial. An OOKA attendant will guide you through the device setup and demonstrate its features, making your holiday gathering truly special. 

Whether it’s a cookout, birthday, or just a casual hangout, schedule your session for a personalized experience. 

The trial requires a minimum of four attendees. Grab all the details today.

Once you’re squared away with the OOKA team and have your test drive scheduled, the next step is to think about what kind of cannabis gathering you want to curate.

Setting the Scene

If you want to do this right, why not transform your holiday gathering into an OOKA wonderland? 

Think about the vibe you want to set. Maybe you prefer elegant, twinkling holiday lights with a cozy lounge area, creating a serene yet festive mood. Or perhaps you want something more vibrant, energetic, and colorful with abstract art pieces and ecstatic dancing sessions.

Then again, nothing can beat the simplicity of a backyard barbecue—although don’t forget to check the weather forecast.

The choice is yours. Remember, your OOKA test drive isn’t just a party; it’s an immersive experience where guests can feel relaxed and enchanted.

Crafting the Perfect Menu

OOKA and its assortment of specially crafted seven9 pods don’t have to be the only things on the menu.

Don’t forget the refreshments! Mocktails are a perfect way to complement a cannabis event. Some guests may prefer a beverage sans alcohol if they intend to imbibe in OOKA. Our Blackberry Bliss mocktail pairs perfectly with Air Fryer Berry Cobbler. Grab the recipes here

And speaking of those OOKA seven9 pods, variety is the spice of life, is it not? For each of these exceptional pods, we utilize the purest ingredients, infusing high-THC whole flower with live resin to create an experience with more of a punch.

Available in sativa, indica, and hybrid, these strain-specific pods have a balanced, flower-forward flavor that purists will enjoy morning, noon, and night.

Activities and Entertainment

Much of the time, good people and good cannabis tend to keep the vibe right, but a great party also includes entertainment.

Here are a few fun ideas to consider:

If you want to minimize prep time, you can keep things simple. Introduce a ‘Guess the Strain’ game and talk guests through the terpene profiles in each pod.

If you’re planning to roll with the mocktail idea, what about a ‘Create Your Mocktail’ station? Guests can take turns concocting (and naming) their own signature mocktails, perhaps inspired by the terpene profiles of OOKA’s pods, with a prize for the winning beverage.

And don’t forget about the music! What’s your flavor here? Set the soundtrack with a blend of jazzy holiday classics or lo-fi hip-hop. And if you want to ride some waves, check out The Ventures’ Christmas Album (totally worth it). 

Holiday Party With OOKA: Etiquette and Tips

As you host your holiday party with OOKA, here are a few basic tips you might want to consider to ensure all of your guests have a great time.

Responsible Consumption — A personal OOKA attendant will be there to educate your guests about the dosages and effects of different OOKA pods. Depending on each person’s THC tolerance, don’t hesitate to encourage moderation to ensure everyone enjoys the party safely. Definitely don’t anyone drive right after hitting the OOKA! 

Have CBD Onhand — As with any cannabis party, it’s entirely possible somebody will overdo it  with THC and essentially ‘green out.’ Those experiences are never fun, and fortunately, CBD is the perfect remedy here. So be sure to have some CBD products available just in case this happens. Zone In and No Worries are perfect pods for adding CBD to the mix.

Inclusive Environment — This goes without saying: respect the preferences of all guests. Offer both cannabis and non-cannabis options, and create spaces where everyone feels comfortable, regardless of their choice to partake. 

Relaxing Atmosphere — Maintain a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. Adjust lighting, music, and activities to keep the environment relaxed and welcoming throughout the event.

You ready to do this? Schedule your free OOKA experience today, and let’s get this party started.

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