See What We’ve Been up to and Test Drive OOKA

If you’ve been curious about trying out an OOKA, now is the time! We’ve got a couple of ways to get in on the action and see what all the buzz is about. First, you can sign up to take OOKA on a test drive. This allows you to have OOKA in your home, and host friends for a tasting party. 

Or, come see us at one of our tasting events and try several OOKA pods, including our effects-based pods and live resin infused pods. We’ve been having a hell of a time at The Studio Lounge at The Artist Tree in WeHo. There’s always plenty of food, good vibes, and a killer atmosphere for connecting with your friends or making new ones. 

Check out some of these photos from our recent tastings. Our next event at The Artist Tree is on October 28th at 6 pm. Sign up now – it’s free!

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