10 Most Common Cannabis Terpenes

What makes cannabis so incredibly aromatic and flavorful? Those are the terpenes – the volatile little compounds that grow inside the plant’s trichomes. Here, they form alongside cannabinoids, often getting the most critical acclaim for their effects. Yet, beyond THC and CBD, terpenes are the unsung heroes that influence not only the flavor and aroma but contribute largely to the effects of cannabis as well. As you get more familiar with terpenes, you’ll want to know them by name. Here are the top 10 most common cannabis terpenes and some fun facts you’ll want to remember.

Dominant Cannabis Terpenes

Beyond their unique scents and flavors, terpenes play a crucial role in shaping the overall experience of each cannabis strain. Here’s a closer look at the characteristics of some dominant cannabis terpenes.


Known for its sedative properties, myrcene is often associated with the relaxation and calming effects of certain cannabis strains.

  • – Smells like: A fusion of earthy, musky, and fruity notes.
  • – Tastes like: Hints of cloves intertwined with subtle grape nuances.

Mango, hops, and lemongrass are rich in myrcene, but you can also find it in these
OOKA pods:

  • – Just Vibe
  • – Forbidden Fruit
  • – Super Lemon Haze

Reach for myrcene when you want to leverage its sedative properties and get a great night’s sleep.


Apart from its uplifting nature, Limonene has shown potential in reducing stress and anxiety.

  • – Smells like: The refreshing scent of citrus fruits.
  • – Tastes like: A tangy burst reminiscent of lemons or oranges.

Limonene is particularly abundant in citrus fruits, and especially lemons, oranges, and grapefruits. Lean towards limonene when you are looking for a mood-boosting, refreshing pick-me-up.


Linalool is well known for its calming and anti-anxiety effects. You likely know this scent from aromatherapy or essential oils containing compounds of lavender. 

  • – Smells like: A delicate blend of floral with undertones of spice.
  • – Tastes like: A sweet, fragrant touch similar to lavender.

In addition to lavender, you’ll find linalool in birch, rosewood, coriander, thyme, and less obvious sources like spearmint, ylang-ylang, and bergamot. Try linalool in the following OOKA pods:

  • – Just Vibe
  • – No Worries

Let linalool be your gateway to relaxation and tranquility!


Pinene is cherished for its ability to promote alertness and aid memory retention. You know this smell from the fresh scent of walking through a pine tree forest. It’s bright, bursting, and full of energy.

  • – Smells like: The invigorating scent of pine and rosemary.
  • – Tastes like: An earthy flavor, reminiscent of a pine forest.

Foods containing this terpene include dill, basil, and rosemary. You can try pinene with OOKA in these pods:

  • – Happy Hour
  • – Zone In
  • – No Worries

Let pinene be your go-to terp when you want to hone in on a task or engage in great conversation with your friends.


With anti-inflammatory properties, caryophyllene has been explored for its potential gastroprotective qualities.

  • – Smells like: Spices with a wooden backbone.
  • – Tastes like: A spicy kick akin to black pepper.

Caryophyllene plays a role in many spices and herbs, including black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, hops, and rosemary. Try it out in our OOKA pods:

  • – Forbidden Fruit
  • – Orange Creamsicle
  • – White Runtz
  • – Super Lemon Haze

Fun fact about caryophyllene: It can reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. If you accidentally over-indulge, chew on a few black peppercorns to help alleviate some of the uncomfortable side effects. 


Bisabolol is recognized for its skin-soothing, anti-irritant, and anti-inflammatory properties. But it also adds a delightful flavor and aroma to cannabis. 

  • – Smells like: A soft, floral fragrance with hints of sweetness.
  • – Tastes like: A gentle, fruity essence.

This subtle terpene is found in the candeia tree, German chamomile, and several lesser-known trees and flowers. You try bisabolol in one OOKA pod:

  • – Get Zen

Choose bisabolol when you’re looking to improve skin health, relieve inflammation, or simply for its delicate, soothing flavors and aromas.


Humulene is revered for its appetite-suppressing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also adds distinct characteristics to cannabis.

  • – Smells like: A blend of earthiness and wood.
  • – Tastes like: Reminiscent of hops, giving beer its distinct taste.

Humulene is certainly distinct as the primary flavor maker in hops, but you can also sniff it out in coriander, sage, ginseng, and balsam fir. Check it out in our OOKA pods: 

  • – Zone In
  • – Orange Creamsicle

Humulene also contains mild sedative effects, making it a delightfully relaxing and mellow terpene.


Nerolidol has strong medicinal properties with antiparasitic and antifungal abilities. On top of that, it adds a fresh, herbal, woody, floral essence to cannabis.

  • – Smells like: Woody aroma, reminiscent of fresh tree bark.
  • – Tastes like: A touch of citrus.

Foods and plants containing nerolidol include ginger, jasmine, and tea tree. You can also find in our delicious OOKA pods, like: 

  • – Orange Creamsicle
  • – White Runtz
  • – Super Lemon Haze

Think of nerolidol as a nourishing, flavorful infusion into your cannabis experience.


Eucalyptol provides a refreshing sensation and has been studied for its potential benefits to the respiratory system.

  • – Smells like: The unmistakable scent of eucalyptus leaves.
  • – Tastes like: A hint of cooling mint.

Eucalyptol is predominant in eucalyptus, sage, and camphor. But you can also experience it with OOKA:

  • – Zone In

Let the fresh, zesty flavor of eucalyptol wake you up with an invigorating burst!


Delta-3-carene is believed to promote bone health and might play a role in improving memory. It adds a very earthy and herbal touch to cannabis, though it tends to be much more subtle than some of the bigger hitters. 

  • – Smells like: A sweet, resinous aroma.
  • – Tastes like: Earthy, with piney undertones.

Delta-3-carene is found in basil, rosemary, pine, cedar, and some types of peppers. It’s rarely in the top three most dominant in the terpene profile, but you’ll find it regularly in smaller quantities, playing into its role as part of the entourage effect.

Taste Terpenes With OOKA

OOKA allows users to experience terpenes at their finest. With a curated selection of terpene-rich pods, OOKA is the best place to truly immerse oneself in the world of cannabis flavors. Try OOKA products today and explore a palate of tastes and scents that can only be experienced through the power of terpenes.

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10 Most Common Cannabis Terpenes

What makes cannabis so incredibly aromatic and flavorful? Those are the terpenes – the volatile little compounds that grow inside the plant’s trichomes. Here, they form alongside cannabinoids, often getting


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