"The perfect way to sesh with friends! it’s portable & convenient, that way you can bring your sesh with you anywhere you go 💨 #passtheooka"


OOKA x Lexi June

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OOKA Fall Giveaways

All autumn long we will be giving away the amazing OOKA shareable cannabis vaporizer. We will be announcing winners on the last Friday of each month through the end of the year 

(total value $399).

Sign up for a chance to win today:

Open to California residents only. Please see official rules below for more information.

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Infused Hybrid Pods:
Motorhead x Forbidden Fruit

“Forbidden fruit is my absolute favorite strain, so being able to have that has an option for an OOKA pod has been so cool!”

Zone In: The Gift x Mimosa

“I love using the Zone In pods when I need to get work done, or clean my house. They help keep me zoned in to what I’m doing till I finish my entire task!”

Infused Hybrid Pods: Wedding Pie x Orange Creamsicle

“Perfect for a mid-day sesh, or when I just want to chill without being sleepy!”

Revolutionary Cannabis Pods for OOKA

With OOKA x seven9, you get a smoother, more intuitive cannabis experience. It’s consistent, doseable, and endlessly enjoyable.






<60mins sessions with friends

Get your OOKA. Capture your moment.


Seven9 is the smartest, smoothest way to gather together. Each pod combines premium whole flower paired with a proprietary blend of terpenes, offering you a full-spectrum, full-flavored experience that’s consistent and doseable.

The intuitive design makes it easy to control intensity, while the intelligent microchip creates optimal heating and precise delivery each and every time.

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