Benefits and Effects of Rare Terpenes

Unveiling the secrets of cannabis is akin to unmasking the magic of an ancient elixir. While many have heard of THC and CBD, the true connoisseurs know there’s an aromatic world waiting to be explored. Take a trip with us into the enigmatic universe of rare terpenes, where flavors, aromas, and uncharted therapeutic potentials converge. 

A Recap on Terpenes

Terpenes are among the most fascinating aspects of plant biology, particularly in the world of cannabis. Acting as the primary aromatic compounds found in numerous plants, they are the unsung heroes behind the captivating scents we associate with lavender fields, rosemary sprigs, or fresh citrus fruits. In cannabis, these compounds are far more crucial than just delighting our olfactory senses.

But What Exactly Do They Do?

Terpenes influence both the physiological and therapeutic properties of cannabis. Each terpene (including rare terpenes) has a unique profile that can affect mood, sensation, and even the overall high one gets from the plant. Some might promote relaxation, others can energize, and some might even aid in focusing or alleviating specific ailments.

Yet, their role becomes even more profound when coupled with other compounds in cannabis. This brings us to the concept of the “entourage effect.” It’s the phenomenon where the myriad of compounds in cannabis, from cannabinoids to flavonoids, come together in a harmonious dance of effects. Here’s where many misconceptions arise: It’s not about having high percentages of a single component that matters most. Instead, the orchestra of these compounds, each playing its part, no matter how minor, truly defines the cannabis experience.

Imagine attending a concert where the whole band is onstage, but only the guitarist plays. It sounds lovely, but when the drums kick in, then the keyboard, tambourine, and vocals join – it’s perfect harmony. This is what happens in the cannabis plant with the entourage effect. Sure, THC is great. CBD is wonderful. However, the collective presence and interaction of these compounds can elevate, modify, or even temper the effects, making the experience more nuanced and potentially beneficial.

For a full spectrum, full flavor experience, you might enjoy live resin for its juicy, terpene-rich flavor and aroma. 

benefits of rare terpenes

Rare Cannabis Terpenes

The diverse spectrum of cannabis strains available today owes much of its richness to terpenes. While some terpenes are commonly known and frequently occur in various strains, there are a select few that remain less explored, shining subtly yet significantly from the shadows. These rare terpenes, although not always front and center, play essential roles in shaping the effects and benefits of specific cannabis strains. Let’s journey through this lesser-known landscape and discover the hidden gems of the terpene world.


Flavor and Aroma: Imagine the freshness of a spring morning; Terpinolene is piney, floral, and delicately citrusy.

Notable Effect and Benefit: Beyond its uplifting and energetic vibes, it’s associated with potential sedative properties, making it a paradoxical delight.

Commonly Found in: Delicious apples, aromatic cumin, fragrant lilac, and the invigorating Jack Herer cannabis strain.


Flavor and Aroma: Step into a dense forest with its woody and earthy ambiance sprinkled with hints of fresh fir needles.

Notable Effect and Benefit: Its ability to potentially reduce cardiovascular disease risks by modulating cholesterol and triglyceride levels makes it a topic of keen scientific interest.

Commonly Found in: Evergreen camphor trees, flavorful dill, elegant cypress, and the mysterious Ghost OG cannabis strain.


Flavor and Aroma: Picture a brisk winter evening walk – Camphor offers a cool, minty, and penetrating sensation.

Notable Effect and Benefit: A champion for its anti-inflammatory prowess, camphor is also known to soothe muscle pains and inflammations.

Commonly Found in: Resinous camphor trees, rosemary, and various soothing topical ointments.


Flavor and Aroma: A summer’s day encapsulated; it’s sweet, rosy, and bursts with fruity undertones.

Notable Effect and Benefit: Its potential neuroprotective and antioxidant characteristics position Geraniol as a compound of interest in neurological research.

Commonly Found in: Delicate geraniums, zesty lemons, and the sweetly nuanced Strawberry Kush cannabis strain.


Flavor and Aroma: Soft, with a blend of sweetness and a balsamic touch, reminiscent of a quiet evening.

Notable Effect and Benefit: Studies have hinted at its potential to slow the progression of certain cancers and its commendable antioxidant properties.

Commonly Found in: Refreshing green tea, aged varieties of the same, and some cannabis strains in trace but impactful amounts.


Flavor and Aroma: A brisk walk in the wild – Phellandrene is minty, has a sharp peppery bite, and ends with a citrus twist.

Notable Effect and Benefit: Preliminary studies suggest it might uplift moods and have potential antidepressant effects.

Commonly Found in: Eucalyptus trees, water fennel, and certain intriguing cannabis strains that remain exploratory favorites.


Flavor and Aroma: Transport yourself to an orchard of Valencia oranges, with Valencene’s vibrant citrusy notes.

Notable Effect and Benefit: Beyond its anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s believed to promote alertness and cognitive functionality and improve skin conditions like dermatitis.

Commonly Found in: Refreshing Valencia oranges and the ever-popular Tangie cannabis strain.


Flavor and Aroma: A serene orchard experience – Farnesene brings forth the scents of green apples with a dash of earthy undertones.

Notable Effect and Benefit: It holds potential calming effects, soothing the mind, and also boasts anti-inflammatory properties.

Commonly Found in: Crunchy green apples, spicy ginger, and particular cannabis strains known only to the most discerning enthusiasts.

effects and benefits of rare terpenes

Final Thoughts

Big or small, we love learning about terpene profiles. These magical little compounds add so much to a cannabis experience, and that’s exactly why we’ve curated seven9 pods specifically for the OOKA experience. Explore the wide range of flavors and effects and see why OOKA is one portal to many worlds.

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